Run Cloud9 workspaces locally

A very quick setup guide

Assuming that you followed the steps in this guide and downloaded the workspaces from Cloud9 dashboard to your local machine. Unzip .tar into some ~/c9/downloaded-files folder.

Run the command below in your terminal to start the container:

In the preceding command:

  • gives the container permission to do almost everything that the host operating system can do.
  • sets simple environment variables in the container, in this case the IP address and port.
  • is a name for the image, in this case, .
  • makes a directory available to the container. is the path to the directory on the host operating system (for example, or for Windows), and is the path in the container that you can use to refer to that same directory (for example, ).
  • means to run the container in the background.
  • means to run the container with a pseudo terminal.
  • connects ports in the container to ports on the host operating system. If port 5050 is already in use on your local computer, change it to a different port.
  • is the base image ID to use, which you noted previously (for example ). Docker pulls the base image down to your local computer if it doesn't already exist there. Note that pulling down a base image for the first time might take several minutes.

In the preceding command:

  • means to display an interactive terminal for running commands in the container.
  • is the name of the running container (can be anything).
  • to get a bash shell in the container.


In the interactive terminal, run the following commands, one at a time, to download, install, and then run Cloud9 Core inside of the container.

stop the server (ctrl+C), and install mongodb:

run the server:

this will run the Cloud9 IDE, which is accessible in the browser through .


Now in the IDE in the terminal you can access your workspace contents:

This will run your app and it will be accessible in the browser through .

Some Useful commands for reviving the connection to mongodb

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