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  • Omar Santos

    Omar Santos

    Cybersecurity peasant focused on vulnerability research and disclosure. Co-lead of the DEFCON Red Team Village. Author of over 20 books & video courses.

  • Rana Khalil

    Rana Khalil


  • Vickie Li

    Vickie Li

    Professional investigator of nerdy stuff. Hacks and secures. Creates god awful infographics. https://twitter.com/vickieli7

  • Xavier Invers Fornells

    Xavier Invers Fornells

  • Ȼᵾɍɨøᵾs ħȺȼꝁɇɍ

    Ȼᵾɍɨøᵾs ħȺȼꝁɇɍ

  • sc015020


    Running IT security analyst. Passionate about (wireless) networks and security overall

  • Luke Stephens (@hakluke)

    Luke Stephens (@hakluke)

    Pentester | Hubby | Musician

  • Medium Security

    Medium Security

    Responsible disclosures to security@medium.com. See http://me.dm/bounty-program for more details.

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