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A walkthrough.

Start with nmap.

nmap -A -vv target_ip

You will find web servers on port 80 and 8080.

Access the web server on port 80

I did reverse image search and got the answer.

Another way to do this is to Inspect the page and check the image element.

Task 1: Introduction

Who is the employee of the month?

Here you will find essential commands to start mastering the shell.

How To Find Out What Directory You’re Currently In?

You will need to use Print Working Directory command, which is:


How To Navigate to Any Directory?

You will need to use Change Directory command, which is:

cd directoryname

You will have to provide either the absolute or relative path to the directory.

It can get pretty tiring navigating with absolute or relative paths all…

A very quick setup guide. No BS.

  • create a script.sh file
  • paste in the contents below (source)

# Kali Docker Setup Script
# @decidedlygray 20180902
# Steps taken from: https://docs.docker.com/install/linux/docker-ce/debian/
# And: https://medium.com/@airman604/installing-docker-in-kali-linux-2017-1-fbaa4d1447fe
# Install uses the repository, so we can get updates in the future

# Remove any existing docker packages and update package list
sudo apt remove docker docker-engine…


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